Fitness Mindset

Measure In Love

Please read these lyrics and think about them…

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes,
Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear.
Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes,
How do you measure, measure a year?

How about love? How about love? How about love?

Measure in love.

Today is the one year anniversary of Higher Purpose Fitness, and it’s the reason that I came home today and typed in “Seasons of Love.” The song that always brings tears to my eyes… The song that just sparked this blog…

When I look back on the last year, I definitely measure it in love.

I measure it in love that is from our Heavenly Father. A Father that has blessed us with Higher Purpose Fitness and has shown us so much favor. A Father that has never forsaken us – He has provided for us every step of the way. A Father that has proven over and over again that He is abundantly available. A Father that has always said, and is always saying, “trust Me and let Me lead the way.”

I measure the last year in love that comes from our amazing clients. Clients that have been dedicated and have worked their butts off! Clients that have completely trusted us. Clients that have become so much more than clients. Friends. Supporters. Encouragers. People that have been genuinely interested in the success of our business. The stories of our lives. The success of our lives. If I could give you an exact measurement of the love that I’ve felt from our clients, I would say that it’s to infinity and beyond. =)

I measure the last year in love that comes from my business partner. Without him, I wouldn’t be here typing this blog about our business. He has pulled more than his weight. He has done more than his fair share of work. He has given so much of his time and energy to make this business successful. He has been supportive of me and my desires/visions for HPF. He’s trusted me to run wild with my ideas. He’s listened to my praises and to my complaints. He’s seen me succeed and fail. He’s dealt, first hand, with the good, the bad, and the ugly of Nikki.

I measure the last year in love that comes from Josh and Holly, the husband and wife team that owns The Dojo American Karate Center that we operate out of. I don’t know where we would be without the two of them! Josh has given so much of his time to us. He has answered 5,000 of our questions and has given us great advice and suggestions over and over again. He has put his faith in us and trusted us to run our business out of his studio. He has promoted our boot camps to so many people, and we are forever grateful to him. Holly has supported us from the start as well, and she’s been one of our hardest working boot campers. What a blessing!

I measure the last year in love that comes from the relationships that I’ve formed with clients outside of boot camp. A particular boot camper has welcomed me into her life and into her Bible study group that’s full of incredible ladies. Several different boot campers have hired me for babysitting jobs. Their love has welcomed me into their homes time and time again, and has entrusted me to watch, care for and love on their children. Their love has provided for me when finances were tight. Another boot camper has welcomed me into her life. The deepest parts of her life. We have created a friendship that is so genuine, so transparent, so raw. A friendship that contains zero judgments. A friendship that God has been using to bring about change and growth. There are so many love stories in this area… My list could go on and on…

I measure the last year in love that comes from family members and friends that have supported me during this business venture. Without their love and encouragement, I don’t know if I would have made it this far. They have cheered for me during the great times and the not so great times. I’m so thankful for their words of wisdom and their financial blessings during some of the more difficult times. I love my family and friends!

I measure the last year in love that comes from me. Nikki. I have learned to have confidence in myself and to find my strengths in my weaknesses. I have learned to trust myself. To listen to my gut when it talks. I have learned to conquer fears. I have learned to risk. I have learned that with the help of my Father, I can do anything. I have learned that life is so short and that there are no guarantees. That we are vapors. I have learned that love is a choice. I have the ability to choose love every single day. I have the ability to measure life in love. Not in fear. Not in hate. Not in bad times. Not in darkness. But in love. The gift of love that has been given to us by God.

Will you choose to measure the last 5 hundred 25 thousand 6 hundred minutes in love? How about the next 525,600?

Involved or Committed?

“The kamikaze pilot who flew 50 missions was involved-but never committed.”

-Lou Holtz

When it comes to your health and fitness goals, are you involved or committed?

Do you eat healthy and workout only when it’s convenient for you?  Do you show interest and engage yourself when you realize that it is New Year’s resolution time or that you have a dress to fit into or that bikini season is right around the corner?  Or do you workout and eat healthy no matter what is going on and coming up?

People that are involved with their health and fitness goals typically spend more time complaining about their gut, their spare tire or their junk in the trunk and less time acting to get rid of it.  They are usually the yo-yo dieters, the sporadic exercisers, and the people that are full of excuses.

People that are committed to their health and fitness goals do NOT complain and do NOT make excuses.  They are the people that eat healthy 80-90% of the time, workout regularly and are active in their daily life.  Whether they know it or not, they have a “No Exceptions” policy in effect.  Nothing will stop them from being healthy and taking care of their temple, their body.

Now that you’ve read the descriptions, I’ll ask the question again.  Are you involved or committed?  If you’re involved, what will it take for you to be committed?  What will you have to sacrifice?  And would you prefer to make small sacrifices now or huge sacrifices later?

A SMALL sacrifice is skipping your $4 Grande Non-Fat Latte that you purchase daily. This will help you save money so that you can join Higher Purpose Boot Camp or hire a personal trainer.  Another small sacrifice is cooking and packing your food instead of eating out so often.  This will allow you to monitor your caloric consumption and eat clean, healthy foods.

A HUGE sacrifice that you could experience later in life is spending a significant amount of your time confined to a hospital bed or a couch, recovering from a heart attack.  If this were to happen to you, you would be missing out on life, you would be forced to be inactive – there’s no physical way you could work or play, and you would be financially burdened from the surgery and hospital visit.  And who knows how long it would take you to get back on your feet!!

Please think long and hard about all of the things I have mentioned.  It’s your life, your body, your health!  You can do anything that you put your mind to!

Be committed!


The lists that I’ve included in this blog are from the book, THE 4:8 PRINCIPLE: The Secret To A Joy-Filled Life. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking for lots of joy and happiness. It is an easy read, and it’s full of great content! I copied 25 of Newberry’s negative thoughts and 25 of his positive thoughts from his list of 40 for you to compare. Read the thoughts and see if any of them sound familiar to you. Are the majority of your thoughts from the Joy-Producing List or from the Junk-Producing List? Do you realize that you have a choice? You can choose to think positively and find the beauty in everything or you can choose to complain and take your blessings for granted! I challenge you to find joy in your thoughts, your conversations and your experiences. Do you think you can do it for 24 hours straight?? I KNOW you can! Start there, and see where it gets you! Let me know how you feel at the end of the 24 hours!

(When you’re done reviewing the lists, please take 2-3 minutes out of your day to watch the video that I’ve included!)

25 Junk-Producing Thoughts
1. I’m never going to be that happy again.
2. That’s just the way it is.
3. This probably won’t work.
4. I don’t have what it takes.
5. That always happens.
6. I hate myself.
7. I am not worthy.
8. I could never do that.
9. I have to accept my limitations.
10. That makes me sick.
11. I don’t need this.
12. I can’t.
13. That’s typical for me.
14. If such and such happens, I’m going to be sooo mad.
15. It’s never going to work out.
16. It isn’t my fault.
17. I used to have so much energy.
18. That’s just my luck.
19. That’s just who I am.
20. It’s never going to be like it used to be.
21. I’m living proof of Murphy’s Law.
22. I’ll just have to put up with this.
23. Nothing good ever happens to me.
24. Everything I eat goes straight to my waist.
25. It’s hopeless.

25 Joy-Producing Thoughts
1. I expect the best, and it shows!
2. I trust God; my faith is strong.
3. I am responsible.
4. I take deliberate action to reach my goals.
5. I now accept the best that life has to offer.
6. My metabolism works effectively.
7. I believe in the most perfect outcome of every challenge in my life.
8. I am healthy and strong.
9. I have boundless energy!
10. I surround myself with winners.
11. I experience abundance now and forever.
12. God has great plans for me.
13. Everything I need, I already have.
14. My brain works perfectly.
15. I change what I need to change.
16. My memory is crisp and vivid.
17. I’m making progress.
18. I control my thoughts.
19. I can improve this situation.
20. I ask, and I receive.
21. I am supercharged with joy.
22. I am ready for a breakthrough.
23. I am lovable.
24. I think about what is good, just, and gracious.
25. I am learning a lot through this experience.

Make sure you turn up the volume for this video! 🙂

The Successful HABITS Formula

Currently, I am reading The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt.  The first chapter is titled “Your Habits Will Determine Your Future.”  The entire chapter is full of great information, but I want to share the part that stands out the most for me.  I have some bad habits that need to be kicked to the curb, and this formula makes more sense to me than any other info I’ve read about bad habits.  It’s simple and very doable!  It is called “The Successful HABITS Formula” and it reads like this:

This is a step-by-step method to help you create better habits.  It works because it is simple.  You don’t need complicated strategies.  This template can be applied to any area of your life, business or personal.  If applied consistently, it will help you achieve everything you want.  There are three fundamental steps:


It’s important that you really think about the future consequences of your bad habits.  These may not show up tomorrow, next week or next month.  The real impact could be years away.  When you look at your unproductive behavior one day at a time, it may not look so bad.  The smoker says, “What’s a few cigarettes today?  It helps me relax.  I’m not wheezing and coughing.”  However, the days accumulate and twenty years later in the doctor’s office, the X-rays are conclusive.  Consider this:  If you smoke ten cigarettes a day for twenty years, that’s seventy-three-thousand cigarettes.  Do you think seventy-three-thousand cigarettes could have an impact on your lungs?  Of course!  In fact, the consequences can be deadly.  So when you examine your own bad habits, consider the long-term implications.  Be totally honest.  Your life may be at stake.


Usually this is just the opposite of your bad habit.  In the smoker’s example it would be, “Stop smoking.”  What are you actually going to do?  To motivate yourself, think about all the benefits and rewards for adopting your new successful habit.  This helps you create a clear picture of what this new habit will do for you.  The more vividly you describe the benefits, the more likely you are to take action.


This is where the rubber meets the road.  In the smoking example there are several options.  Read how-to-stop-smoking literature.  Start hypnosis therapy.  Substitute something else when the desire for a cigarette arises.  Place a bet with a friend to keep you accountable.  Start a fresh air exercise program.  Use a nicotine patch treatment.  Stay away from other smokers.  The important thing is to make a decision about which specific actions you are going to implement.

You must take action.  Start with one habit that you really want to change.  Focus on your three immediate action steps and put them into practice.  Do it now.  Remember, nothing will change until you do.

And I repeat, DO IT NOW!!  NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL YOU DO!  If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.

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Give Thanks!

The greatest thing is to give thanks for everything.  He who has learned this knows what it means to live.  He has penetrated the whole mystery of life; giving thanks for everything.

-Albert Schweitzer

At one point or another, we have all struggled with motivation as it relates to working out and eating healthy.  It is very easy to talk yourself out of the best and healthiest choices and say “I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow” or “I still have 5 days left in the week to get in my workouts” or “I’m tired, so I’ll just run through the drive through.”  Unfortunately, these excuses and choices do not get us very far!  In fact, they pull us away from our health and fitness goals.  They keep us from being our best and reaching our full potential.

In the last few months, I have been able to overcome my lack of motivation and excuses by giving thanks for everything!  Giving thanks allows me to see all of the things that I take for granted in my life, including exercise and nutrition.  Every single time that I pray, I thank God for blessing me with a healthy, able body and for giving me the ability to exercise.  I thank him for providing me with every bite of food, and I also thank him for the varieties of food that I get to choose from.  I thank him for giving me plenty of water and fluids so that I can hydrate my body.

The next time that you struggle with motivation, think of your life without the options that you have and give thanks!  Think of yourself as a starving child in Africa who isn’t guaranteed a meal, much less a healthy and delicious one.  Then give thanks that you CAN eat veggies, fruits, eggs, lean meats, nuts, dairy products and whole grains!  Think of yourself as a man who has major limitations and is living life from a wheel chair!  Then give thanks that you CAN walk, run, climb stairs, jump rope and lift weights.  Think of yourself as a single mom with 3 small kids that’s holding 2+ jobs.  Then give thanks that you DO have time in your week to exercise your body and keep it healthy!

You’re so blessed to have the options and abilities that you do!  Now get moving, eat healthy foods and GIVE THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!