The lists that I’ve included in this blog are from the book, THE 4:8 PRINCIPLE: The Secret To A Joy-Filled Life. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking for lots of joy and happiness. It is an easy read, and it’s full of great content! I copied 25 of Newberry’s negative thoughts and 25 of his positive thoughts from his list of 40 for you to compare. Read the thoughts and see if any of them sound familiar to you. Are the majority of your thoughts from the Joy-Producing List or from the Junk-Producing List? Do you realize that you have a choice? You can choose to think positively and find the beauty in everything or you can choose to complain and take your blessings for granted! I challenge you to find joy in your thoughts, your conversations and your experiences. Do you think you can do it for 24 hours straight?? I KNOW you can! Start there, and see where it gets you! Let me know how you feel at the end of the 24 hours!

(When you’re done reviewing the lists, please take 2-3 minutes out of your day to watch the video that I’ve included!)

25 Junk-Producing Thoughts
1. I’m never going to be that happy again.
2. That’s just the way it is.
3. This probably won’t work.
4. I don’t have what it takes.
5. That always happens.
6. I hate myself.
7. I am not worthy.
8. I could never do that.
9. I have to accept my limitations.
10. That makes me sick.
11. I don’t need this.
12. I can’t.
13. That’s typical for me.
14. If such and such happens, I’m going to be sooo mad.
15. It’s never going to work out.
16. It isn’t my fault.
17. I used to have so much energy.
18. That’s just my luck.
19. That’s just who I am.
20. It’s never going to be like it used to be.
21. I’m living proof of Murphy’s Law.
22. I’ll just have to put up with this.
23. Nothing good ever happens to me.
24. Everything I eat goes straight to my waist.
25. It’s hopeless.

25 Joy-Producing Thoughts
1. I expect the best, and it shows!
2. I trust God; my faith is strong.
3. I am responsible.
4. I take deliberate action to reach my goals.
5. I now accept the best that life has to offer.
6. My metabolism works effectively.
7. I believe in the most perfect outcome of every challenge in my life.
8. I am healthy and strong.
9. I have boundless energy!
10. I surround myself with winners.
11. I experience abundance now and forever.
12. God has great plans for me.
13. Everything I need, I already have.
14. My brain works perfectly.
15. I change what I need to change.
16. My memory is crisp and vivid.
17. I’m making progress.
18. I control my thoughts.
19. I can improve this situation.
20. I ask, and I receive.
21. I am supercharged with joy.
22. I am ready for a breakthrough.
23. I am lovable.
24. I think about what is good, just, and gracious.
25. I am learning a lot through this experience.

Make sure you turn up the volume for this video! 🙂