What decade are YOU living in?

Are you stuck in the 70’s and attending Jazzercise regularly?  How about the 80’s?  Are you still Sweatin’ To The Oldies with Richard Simmons or popping in Jane Fonda’s The Complete Workout?  Are you in the 90’s, kicking and punching with Billy Blank’s Tae-Bo Basic?  NO???  Thank goodness!  At least you are living in the 21st century!

Answer these for me!  Do you monitor your heart rate during each exercise session?  (We won’t count this one if you have a heart condition/disease.)  Do you attend any “low-impact aerobics” classes or “sculpting” classes during the week?  Do you use the weight machines at L.A. Fitness or another big gym?  Do you worry about working TOO hard and getting out of your “fat burning zone” when you go for your 45 minute run or to your hour long spin class?  Are you doing crunches and sit-ups to get a six-pack and to get rid of your gut?  Do you avoid eating fat because it makes you fat?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are NOT living in 2010!  You are stuck in the past!

So let me get you up to speed.  If you want to look and feel amazing and be strong, lean, functional and healthy, there are three things that you need to know.

Number 1 – Nutrition is EXTREMELY important!  If your goal is to get rid of fat, then cut calories and get off of your rear end!  (Be sure to read our blog “Diet, Shmiet”).  Also, make sure you eat as clean as possible.  You should be reaching for foods that are FROM the earth – lean protein, veggies, fruits, nuts, legumes, certain dairy products and natural, whole grain products.  If you are eating food that has been processed, contains lots of ingredients AND you don’t recognize half the ingredients, then it’s not good for you!  And one last thing…FAT is not the devil, SUGAR is the devil!  Stay as far away from sugar as possible!

Number 2 – From an exercise stand point, weight training is the BEST thing that you can do to get all of the things that I listed above.  Weight training burns fat and increases lean muscle tissue which increases your metabolism.  Get in 3 full body weighted workouts per week in circuit fashion to get the most bang for your buck.  Use weights that are heavy for the rep range that you’re doing and pick exercises that work a lot of muscle groups and crank up that heart rate.

Avoid weight machines like the plague!  They take you through movements that are not applicable to your activities of daily living, and they isolate muscle groups.  (“Sculpting” classes do the same!)  Bodybuilding was soo two decades ago! If you want to be hip, order some kettlebells and learn how to master them!  (I triple dog dare you!)  You will use your entire body and your heart will be racing for ONE simple KB exercise.

Last but not least, remove crunches and sit-ups from your routine.  They are NOT good for your spine, they will NOT remove the fat from your abdominal area, and they will NOT give you a six-pack.  To get a six-pack and to get rid of your gut, you have to remove fat from your entire body.  (To remove fat from your body, refer to numbers 1, 2 & 3!)

Number 3 – High Intensity Interval Cardio is the ONLY fat burning cardio.  Stop wasting your time on the treadmill and in the classroom doing aerobics that don’t give you results!  HIIC is short and effective!  The beauty is that you don’t have to wear a heart rate monitor, you don’t have to go for miles and miles, and you don’t have to worry about working TOO hard – we want you to work hard!  HIIC should last for 20-30 minutes MAX!  Pick the type of interval training that you want to do (speed or resistance) and pick two times to rotate between.  (Ex: 30 seconds and 90 seconds)  Work as hard as possible for 30 seconds and recover/back off for 90 seconds.  Alternate between these two times for the entire 20-30 minute session.  Give it everything you’ve got for maximum results!

If you want to integrate all 3 of these things into your life, then you should sign-up for our 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Indoor Boot Camp in Suwanee, Georgia.  We guarantee results!