Simple Nutrition Made Easy

I do 95% of my shopping at Whole Foods and get almost everything I need there, but, you can head to a farmers market like Dekalb Farmers Market and get everything you need for even cheaper. Keep in mind, everything I’m about to share with you can be purchased at your local Whole Foods. It is just super convenient for me because it’s so close to my house.

There will always be a local farmer there selling every kind of meat you could ever want. The best part is it’s all grass fed, free roaming, drug, hormone and disease free, top quality meat. Any type of meat you buy on the cheap at the local supermarket is laden with drugs, grains, diseases and poor fatty acid profiles. Ingesting that type of garbage is not a good idea if you’re interested in staying healthy and performing at your highest level.

So stock up on enough local, organic meats and eggs to get you through to the following week. Next, load up on fresh, organic fruits and veggies. Since these don’t keep as well it’s best to only buy a few days worth and then restock midweek. I average 2 trips per week but they are very quick and easy.

Most farmers markets have a stand that sells nuts and seeds as well. Whole Foods has really good variety too. These are a great part of a healthy diet and an easy way to get high quality calories so I recommend getting a few bags for the week.

Everything You Need For a Simple and Healthy Diet

With one quick and simple trip to the farmers market or Whole Foods, you have just about everything you need to eat for the week- meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.

If everyone ate nothing but what they could buy at a farmers market a lot of doctors and hospitals would go out of business and people with REALLY good looking abs would be as common as the oxygen we breath.

What if You Want to Have a Cheat Meal or Day?

First of all, it’s gotta be scheduled. When it’s scheduled you have to earn it. Plus, you have something to look forward to. A few weeks ago my cheat day consisted of some pure awesomeness from Whole Foods. I had some of their delicious pizza with 3 of my favorite toppings, chicken, bacon, and pineapple. While I waited for the pizza to be made I had some incredible ‘cookies n cream’ gelato and a double shot of espresso 🙂

If you bring cheat food in your house, do NOT keep it there. Get rid of it. Give it to someone else. If you keep it around it will be staring you down every time you open the fridge or cabinet and sooner or later you’ll give in or get knocked down. Never have cheat food sitting around the house. Buy just enough of it on the day you plan to consume it. Re-Up next week and repeat every seven days.

Mmmm... Pizza!

Exactly What To Stock Up On:

In The Fridge

Variety of Vegetables

Variety of Fruits

Organic, free roaming eggs

Grass-fed Beef

Free range, organic chicken

Wild Caught Fish

Aged Cheese

Greek Yogurt

Real Butter

Real Cream (for those of you that like something in your coffee)

Animal Fat (for cooking)

*I recommend organic for all of these, especially the meats and dairy products.

In The Pantry

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Unprocessed Palm Oil


Apple Cider Vinegar



Nut Butters

Legumes (High Carb – Include ONLY if you’re at your ideal body fat percentage)

Wild Rice (High Carb – Include ONLY if you’re at your ideal body fat percentage)

Steel Cut Oats (High Carb – Include ONLY if you’re at your ideal body fat percentage)

Green Tea

Organic Coffee

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Multi Vitamin (for those of you that don’t eat many fruits and vegetables)

*I recommend organic whenever possible.

I promise you this approach to nutrition, similar to what our grandparents or great grandparents probably followed, will be far better for your wallet, mind and body.